We are Winance.
We think differently.


Winance is an independent investment and asset management company based in Greece.

Winance was founded in 2013. Independence and self-reliance are the cornerstones of our philosophy, which is why the four managing partners own 100% of the company. Prior to setting up Winance, we all worked in the investment and finance industry for years in Greece. We are very concerned about the economic developments in recent years especially with respect to the global rise in debt and extreme monetary measures taken by central banks. We are reluctant to believe that the basis of today’s economy, i.e. the uncovered

credit money system, is sustainable. This means that particularly when it comes to investments, acting parties should look beyond the horizon of the current monetary system. We want to re-think investment strategies and implement them in a way that is in line with today’s requirements. Our clients appreciate the unbiased illustration and communication of our publications. Our goal is to offer solid and innovative investment solutions that do justice to the opportunities and risks of today’s prevalent complex and fragile environment.


We believe in the individual within a strong team. And this is reflected in our company structure.

Our principles

Capital preservation and the incremental increase of our clients’ purchasing power are our primary goal. We want to protect our investors’ assets from the permanent devaluation of paper money and obtain real, inflation-adjusted growth. We want to achieve this goal in line with our principles.


Thinking independently

Financial and capital markets are very abstract to many people. To us, they are our passion. However, financial markets cannot be looked at in isolation. What matters to us is to approach the issue from an interdisciplinary angle. Being able to follow the interdependencies of economy, society, and politics is something that fascinates us. The findings of the Austrian School of Economics, which has fallen into oblivion, support us in assessing economic circumstances.


Unbiased communication

We passionately engage with a vast array of different literature and like to reflect on it. We also want to communicate our findings actively. Whether in the “Weeklies” of our journal or within the framework of the annually published “In Gold We Trust” report, our thought processes can be traced transparently. Our independent corporate structure provides us with the sort of independence that allows us to communicate our thoughts with no bias.


Innovative investments

Recent years have been characterised by considerable asset price increases. However, this has happened on the back of an enormous rise in debt and a drastic expansion of credit. This era cannot be perpetuated ad infinitum. Nowadays, investment strategies should be broadly based and rely on a flexible combination of productive capital and liquidity, both within and outside of the conventional monetary system. We therefore offer fund and wealth management solutions that will meet the requirements of the future, either as portfolio modules or as holistic concept.

In order to guarantee these principles in our investment processes, we operate independently of banks. As a boutique with a lean hierarchy, we can react to changes with utmost flexibility and speed. Our partners invest significant parts of their personal wealth in the strategies managed by themselves. This ensures a maximum congruity of interest between investors and the asset managers.


We would be happy to invite you for a free, non-binding, and discreet consultation. Get a picture of who we are and compare us with other financial service providers.