Because We Care

About our Clients. About the Society. About the Future.


Our goal is to enter into long-term, fair relationships with our clients. Our corporate success goes hand in hand with the optimal advisory to our clients. Given that our own investments follow the same rationale as the ones we recommend to our clients, we are in the same boat.

Beyond our client relations we also want to contribute positively to the development of society. It is important to create awareness of the ephemeral nature and fragility of our monetary system. We are glad if we can contribute our share to a competition where the best idea prevails.

After all, ideas and innovations are the determining factors in establishing how our society will live together in peace and prosperity in the future.

Because We Care

About our Clients.

Every client is unique – therefore, we maintain a personal and fair relationship with our clients.

About the Society.

By educating people about the ephemeral character of the current monetary system, we try to influence society positively and in a sustainable way.

About the Future.

We have learnt from the past and are ready for the future. Without so much as a blink, we actively prepare ourselves for a variety of possible scenarios on the financial markets.


Winance represents openness and transparency, therefore we advise our clients on the risks involved in investment. Also, our fee is clear, transparent, and easily calculated.

We would be happy to invite you for a free, non-binding, and discreet consultation. Get a picture of who we are and compare us with other financial service providers.